Get PAID CASH for your Diabetic Supplies

Get Cash Quick by Sending Us Your Unused Unexpired Diabetes Test Strips

Don't let your unused diabetes test strips clutter your shelves when you can get money for them.

We Buy Diabetic Test Strips!We will pay you for your unused, unexpired diabetic test strips. You can even get some of your shipping costs paid!

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Why should you sell your test strips to us?

We will offer you top dollar for unused, unexpired diabetic test strips. So why not transform your test strips into cash?

2 easy steps to a quick payment:

Confirm the expiration dates of your test strips and verify that the box is still sealed.

Pack your unused, unexpired test strips securely and ship them to our address below.

Include a return address with your name and address so that we can issue your check.

Our Address
2124 East Main St.
Shawnee, OK 74801

We will even cover your shipping costs
1-12 test strip boxes - up to $11 to cover shipping costs

13-25 test strip boxes - up to $18 to cover shipping.

After receiving your shipment we will issue a payment in 4 business days or less. We appreciate you using

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q)What brands or kind of Test Strips do you accept?
A)We accept most any brand of unused, unexpired and sealed Test Strips. The most popular, preferred brands are: Accu-Chek Active, Accu-Chek Aviva, Accu-Chek Compact, Contour, FreeStyle, and OneTouch.

Q)What if my test strips are not listed?
A)If you have a brand that is not listed on our site, send us an email with the brand that you have OR you can call or us for a quote at: 405-795-4551 and we will let you know if we can accept them and for how much. Please be sure to include the manufacturer name on the box and also the expiration date (usually found on the box packaging).

Q)How do I know what kind of test strips I have?
A)Almost all the test strips have a name and a manufacturer name and item number. If the item number is not visible on the front it can usually be found on the bottom or on the side of the test strips.

Q)How can I tell if my test strips are expired or my seals are broken?
A)Most test strips have an expiration date stamped by the manufacturer and can be found on the side or back of the box. All are factory sealed and are not opened. Expired and broken seal boxed test strips are not acceptable.

Q)Can I submit more than one type of test strips?
A)There is no limit to the number or brand of test strips you can submit to us.

Q)How many boxes can I submit?
A)There is no limit to the number or brand of test strips you can submit to us.

Q)How much is a box that expires in 30-90 days months versus one that expires 90 days or more?
A)We take test strips that expire in 1-3 months but pay $7 for a box of 100 for Accu-Chek (Aviva, Comfort, Curve, Compact, Active), Ascensia (Breeze, Contour), FreeStyle (FreeStyle, FreeStyle Lite) and OneTouch (Basic, Ultra).

For these same brands if the count is 50 then we pay $3.50 per box. We do not accept for payment any other brands that expire in less then 30 days.

Q)Can I submit my Test Meters and Lancets?
A)We do not accept any meters for payment. We pay $1 for unopened boxes of ONLY the following lancets: OneTouch UltraSoft 100ct, Accu-Chek Softclix 100ct, Accu-Chek Multiclix 102ct, Ascensia Microlet 100ct, and FreeStyle 100ct. We do not accept any private label lancets. Please do not ship any private label lancets.

Q)Do you guarantee the quoted value of my test strips?
A)The amount quoted for your test strips hinges on several factors including expiration, seals and condition of the boxes. If the shipment received matches the original representation made during submission the full value will be paid.

Q)Who pays for shipping?
A)We do! If you mail us 4-15 boxes of test strips we will add up to $10 to cover shipping costs, and 16-30 boxes of test strip we will add up to $20 reimbursement.

Q)Can I get my test strips returned to me?
A)If you have mailed us expired, crushed or open boxes and would like for us to return them to you, there would be a charge for the return shipping fee. If there are undamaged/unexpired boxes of strips also in your package, we will deduct the return shipping fee from those proceeds. You would be notified if we have discovered any expired, crushed or open boxes in your shipment.

Q)When is the payment sent?
A)Checks are mailed or PayPal payments will be sent within 2 working days from the date your package was received and inspected (subject to the Terms and Conditions). You will receive a confirmation e-mail when we have received your item(s) detailing the amount of the payment being sent. Adjustments will be made for test strips that are below 90 days expiration or damaged.